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Yellow Pages Kashmir, the online business directory, is one of the projects started by Quantum Communication and Digital Solutions. The company was started in the year 2009, by a team of committed Media and IT professionals, who after working for various national and internation web development companies,  established an office in Jammu and Kashmir state with the intention to promote handicrafts and tourism by using alternative media channels.

All clients listed in Yellow Pages Kashmir are authentic and the credit goes to our young marketing executives who make sure to visit the clients personally.

Yellow Pages Team

Shoeb Hamid

Yellow Pages Kashmir is an authentic source and we have taken special care to make everything user friendly – the navigation, the search options and essential information.


Omar Amin

Although I work for another project of QCDS and like photography more, still my experience with the team and the work has been real benefiting. I have learned a lot about problems faced by small Kashmir based business enterprises.


Saqib Nazir

“I have learned a lot while working with Yellow Pages Team, probably because I am the youngest team member, I believe there is lot to be learned, particulalrly about new technologies and how we can utilise them for the benefit of the people.”